Hit The Deck

April 19, 2010

The Secrets of the Church await you.

Big Iron Gate

December 11, 2009

Big Iron Gate Mix

by Mathew Dryhurst

This mix was recorded to be played at the Compound in San Francisco on Saturday December 5th. Notorious for a 16 channel system that is tweaked for techno, I put together a set of deep warehouse techno influenced by the recent marriage of the Birmingham and Berlin/Berghain sounds. As a Birmingham native with a long history with Berlin I am a little happy about this development, as music is possibly the only way I could adequately reconcile these diametrically different places!

Compiled for The Compound on December 5th, 2009.

Ben Frost – Killshot (Bedroom Community)
Sigha – Hold My Heart Up To The Light (Hotflush)
DVS1 – Running (Klockworks)
Hrdvsion – Sliding Into Air (Edit) (Wagon Repair)
Ø – Kuvio (Sahko Recordings)
Exercise One – Colony (Wagon Repair)
Sendai – Rottingbaugh (Time To Express)
Function – Isotope (Sandwell District)
Samuli Kemppi – Rymd (Time To Express)
Frank Bretschneider – A Soft Throbbing of Time (Raster Noton)
Scuba – Reverse (Hotflush)
Tadeo – Captacion (Net28)
Mathew Jonson – Walking On The Hands That Follow Me (Wagon Repair)
Valmay – Radiated Future (Blueprint)

Death Rattle

November 18, 2009

Mixed by Vivien Bovell


1. Ennio Merricone- Death Rattle

2. Still Going- Still Going Theme

3. The Peech Boys- Life is Something Special

4. Kurtis Blow- The Deuce

5. Coati Mundi-Que Pasa/No Pop I

6. Climaco Sarmiento y su Orquesta- Pata y Pato

7. Sonido de Prencipe El Precipe

8. Maria Bethanie- Halleluaha

9. Labelle- What Can I do For You

10. Odyssey- Hang Together

Cherchez La Femme

August 29, 2009

Dutty Wine Dance&Head Freak

August 26, 2009

Thug Dreams of Frog Death

July 23, 2009

Thug Dreams of Frog Death

Thug Dreams of Frog Death

by Vivien Bovell


Well if your back for another episode we thank you. This one runs the gamut from slap bass from Portland rockers (ZZ Top) to out of tune honks on the horns (Los Silvertones – Old Buzzard)   and not to forget, “Coconut got Coke, it make you feel very drunk! blllrlllllrlllllrllllppppppp!” by Lloyd Price.  Why are the islands so attractive?  



1. Fripp & Eno – Evening Star

2. Tangerine Dream – Force Majuere

3. Durutti Column – Sketch For Summer

4. The Feelies – It’s Only Life

5. Kraftwerk – Electicity

6. ZZ Top – Thug

7. Giorgio Moroder – Underdog

8. John Lennon – Remember

9. Sanido del Principe – El Principe (Bersas Discos #4)

10. Dj Lengua – El Pacheco

11. Wganda Kenya- Tilfit Hayed (Sound Way)

12. Climaca Sarmiento y su Orquestra- La Pata y el Pato (Disco Fuentes y Sound Way)

13. Los Silvertones – Old Buzzard

14. Lloyd Price- Coconut Woman 

15. Exuma- Exuma,  The Obeah Man

16. Fatback – Going to See My Baby

Drugs 3

July 8, 2009

Steve Shoreline

                                                                                              photo by Vivien Bovell


Steve Santa Maria vowed to make 5 albums in a year. This is the 3rd. Find him and get one.

Red Light:Green Light

June 2, 2009

Red Light Green Light small

Red Light:Green Light

Mixed by Vivien Bovell

Set List:

1. Sky- Lets Celebrate
2. Nick Straker Band- Just a Little Bit of Jazz
3. Hercules And Love Affair- True False/Fake Real
4. Ronnie Jones- Video Games
5. Gino Soccio- Who Dunnit?
6. Simian Mobile Disco- Its the Beat
7. Mr. Catra- Vem Nha Nha
8. Bonde do Role- Solta O Frango
9. Waganda Kenya- Tifit Hayed
10. Toney Lee- Reach Up
11. Don Armando’s 2nd Av. Rhumba Band- Deputy of Love
12. Corey Day- Red Light Green Light

Have Sound System Will Travel To The {{((O))}}

June 2, 2009

3rd n Henry
This will happen again in a yard or a park somewhere in the Bay Area. If you’d like to bake cupcakes, schlep gear, dance, know of any parks no one visits, sit around and listen to music outside while soaking up the {{((O))}} contact us.

Delta Drive

April 23, 2009


Delta Drive Click it to motor.

1. The Beegee’s – In My Own Time (1st)
2. The Kinks – Sweet Lady Genevive (Preservation Act 1)
3. The Grateful Dead – Easy Wind (Working Man’s Dead)
4. Delaney and Bonnie and Friends on tour with Eric Clapton – Only you know and I know
5. Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd St. Band – Express Yourself II (Your So Beautiful)
6. Tina Turner- Whole Lotta Love (Acid Queen)
7. Sly and the Family Stone – Say You Will (Small Talk)
8. Joe Williams/Count Basie Orchestra – Going to Chicago
9. Brook Benton – The Boll Weevil Song (Satin Sound…)
10. Lee Hazlewood – Run Boy (Trouble is a Lonesome Town)
11. Lightning Hopkins – Going Back to Dallas (Lightning H. w/ his brothers Joe and John Henry)
12. Bobby Gentry – Okolona River Bottom Band
13. Timmy Thomas – Rainbow Power (Why Can’t We Live Together?)
14. Ohio Players – Ectasy