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Crossing The Spatial Frontier

March 16, 2009












Crossing The Spatial Frontier

by Robot Hustle of Honey Soundsystem.

  So you may or may not know the group of industrious boys bringing music to the Paradise Lounge(Folsom and 11th) every Sunday. In the last six months Horse Meat Disco, DJ Spun, Victor Rodriguez and Jeffrey Sfire have made appearances. I’ve been. Its loose. On one particular sweaty night some stoned freak of a girl dancing only in her discreet panties, bra and high heels kept chiding me to take off my clothes- the excuse,”It’s so Hot in here, take your shirt off!” in a Vietnamese accent.

   Robot Hustle opened a few months ago for Danny Wang at the Elbow Room for a Donuts Disco party. The upper level beamed with green lazers, Jean-Michel Jarre would gawk at, and so much smoke, I had waking dreams of eating marshmallow bunnies dancing on a stripper pole. His set was aligned with the scene. Robotic and driving, Hustle spins with a purpose, to put a battery in your body and…move it. 

1. Space Project – Beyond Orion
2. Arpadys – Stone Roller
3. I.M.S. Runaway
4. The Immortals – The Ultimate Warlord
5. Sparks – Tryouts for the Human Race
6. Paul Parker – Baby You Can Have My Lovin’ Anytime
7. Tantra – Ma-Cum-Ba
8. Cerrone – Give Me Love
9. Marc Seaberg – California Gold
10. Kongas – Dr. Doo Dah
11. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
12. Sumeria – Why Must There Be An End
13. Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird of Fire

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