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Delta Drive

April 23, 2009


Delta Drive Click it to motor.

1. The Beegee’s – In My Own Time (1st)
2. The Kinks – Sweet Lady Genevive (Preservation Act 1)
3. The Grateful Dead – Easy Wind (Working Man’s Dead)
4. Delaney and Bonnie and Friends on tour with Eric Clapton – Only you know and I know
5. Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd St. Band – Express Yourself II (Your So Beautiful)
6. Tina Turner- Whole Lotta Love (Acid Queen)
7. Sly and the Family Stone – Say You Will (Small Talk)
8. Joe Williams/Count Basie Orchestra – Going to Chicago
9. Brook Benton – The Boll Weevil Song (Satin Sound…)
10. Lee Hazlewood – Run Boy (Trouble is a Lonesome Town)
11. Lightning Hopkins – Going Back to Dallas (Lightning H. w/ his brothers Joe and John Henry)
12. Bobby Gentry – Okolona River Bottom Band
13. Timmy Thomas – Rainbow Power (Why Can’t We Live Together?)
14. Ohio Players – Ectasy


Music at Mosswood Park

April 21, 2009
























Spring shot out the cannon on the weekend of  April 4th and 5th. Saturday night the Horse Cow a burning man santcuary in West Sacramento hosted various bands Vivien Bovell and Mike C. spinning disco while wild antics took place on the grounds. Naked folks of all shapes and sizes slithered out of a cotton tube to be sprayed from a rigged paint canon. I don’t know who’s bright idea this was but it achieved a gawk.

   Sunday the 5th Club Sandwich revived the live music at Mosswood Park Ampitheatre. David Scott Stone, sound maker, and of Get Hustle fame  introduced the crowd to his Electric Long Thin Wire. An interactive copper wire to be shaken and pulled that emulates the sound of thunder clapping your face. 


Soon maybe we’ll have some more music to post. 


“96 degrees in the shade. To Hot! In the shade.”