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Big Iron Gate

December 11, 2009

Big Iron Gate Mix

by Mathew Dryhurst

This mix was recorded to be played at the Compound in San Francisco on Saturday December 5th. Notorious for a 16 channel system that is tweaked for techno, I put together a set of deep warehouse techno influenced by the recent marriage of the Birmingham and Berlin/Berghain sounds. As a Birmingham native with a long history with Berlin I am a little happy about this development, as music is possibly the only way I could adequately reconcile these diametrically different places!

Compiled for The Compound on December 5th, 2009.

Ben Frost – Killshot (Bedroom Community)
Sigha – Hold My Heart Up To The Light (Hotflush)
DVS1 – Running (Klockworks)
Hrdvsion – Sliding Into Air (Edit) (Wagon Repair)
Ø – Kuvio (Sahko Recordings)
Exercise One – Colony (Wagon Repair)
Sendai – Rottingbaugh (Time To Express)
Function – Isotope (Sandwell District)
Samuli Kemppi – Rymd (Time To Express)
Frank Bretschneider – A Soft Throbbing of Time (Raster Noton)
Scuba – Reverse (Hotflush)
Tadeo – Captacion (Net28)
Mathew Jonson – Walking On The Hands That Follow Me (Wagon Repair)
Valmay – Radiated Future (Blueprint)