Big Iron Gate

Big Iron Gate Mix

by Mathew Dryhurst

This mix was recorded to be played at the Compound in San Francisco on Saturday December 5th. Notorious for a 16 channel system that is tweaked for techno, I put together a set of deep warehouse techno influenced by the recent marriage of the Birmingham and Berlin/Berghain sounds. As a Birmingham native with a long history with Berlin I am a little happy about this development, as music is possibly the only way I could adequately reconcile these diametrically different places!

Compiled for The Compound on December 5th, 2009.

Ben Frost – Killshot (Bedroom Community)
Sigha – Hold My Heart Up To The Light (Hotflush)
DVS1 – Running (Klockworks)
Hrdvsion – Sliding Into Air (Edit) (Wagon Repair)
Ø – Kuvio (Sahko Recordings)
Exercise One – Colony (Wagon Repair)
Sendai – Rottingbaugh (Time To Express)
Function – Isotope (Sandwell District)
Samuli Kemppi – Rymd (Time To Express)
Frank Bretschneider – A Soft Throbbing of Time (Raster Noton)
Scuba – Reverse (Hotflush)
Tadeo – Captacion (Net28)
Mathew Jonson – Walking On The Hands That Follow Me (Wagon Repair)
Valmay – Radiated Future (Blueprint)


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