Music at Mosswood Park

April 21, 2009
























Spring shot out the cannon on the weekend of  April 4th and 5th. Saturday night the Horse Cow a burning man santcuary in West Sacramento hosted various bands Vivien Bovell and Mike C. spinning disco while wild antics took place on the grounds. Naked folks of all shapes and sizes slithered out of a cotton tube to be sprayed from a rigged paint canon. I don’t know who’s bright idea this was but it achieved a gawk.

   Sunday the 5th Club Sandwich revived the live music at Mosswood Park Ampitheatre. David Scott Stone, sound maker, and of Get Hustle fame  introduced the crowd to his Electric Long Thin Wire. An interactive copper wire to be shaken and pulled that emulates the sound of thunder clapping your face. 


Soon maybe we’ll have some more music to post. 


“96 degrees in the shade. To Hot! In the shade.”


Crossing The Spatial Frontier

March 16, 2009












Crossing The Spatial Frontier

by Robot Hustle of Honey Soundsystem.

  So you may or may not know the group of industrious boys bringing music to the Paradise Lounge(Folsom and 11th) every Sunday. In the last six months Horse Meat Disco, DJ Spun, Victor Rodriguez and Jeffrey Sfire have made appearances. I’ve been. Its loose. On one particular sweaty night some stoned freak of a girl dancing only in her discreet panties, bra and high heels kept chiding me to take off my clothes- the excuse,”It’s so Hot in here, take your shirt off!” in a Vietnamese accent.

   Robot Hustle opened a few months ago for Danny Wang at the Elbow Room for a Donuts Disco party. The upper level beamed with green lazers, Jean-Michel Jarre would gawk at, and so much smoke, I had waking dreams of eating marshmallow bunnies dancing on a stripper pole. His set was aligned with the scene. Robotic and driving, Hustle spins with a purpose, to put a battery in your body and…move it. 

1. Space Project – Beyond Orion
2. Arpadys – Stone Roller
3. I.M.S. Runaway
4. The Immortals – The Ultimate Warlord
5. Sparks – Tryouts for the Human Race
6. Paul Parker – Baby You Can Have My Lovin’ Anytime
7. Tantra – Ma-Cum-Ba
8. Cerrone – Give Me Love
9. Marc Seaberg – California Gold
10. Kongas – Dr. Doo Dah
11. Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
12. Sumeria – Why Must There Be An End
13. Salsoul Orchestra – Magic Bird of Fire

Links to the Honey Bees:

Carne Tremula

February 5, 2009


Neon Orange Camouflage

February 4, 2009

orange camo

Neon Orange Camouflage

Dr. Karate has returned to battle the nocturnal eyes of the night in “Neon Orange Camouflage.” Enjoy….

-Flim-Hypermix By Dr Karate- by Aphex Twin and the Bad Plus
-Limb by Limb Acapella by Cutty Ranks
-Amen, Brother by the Winstons (throughout)
-Original Bassline by Dr. Karate
-Conumber by Squarepusher
-St. Angel by Goldie
-I Love Marijuana by Linval Thompson
-Ruff in the Jungle (Uplifting) by the Prodigy
-Killa Sound (Pascal Remix) by Johhny Jungle
-Super Sharp Shooter by DJ Hype
-Various Breaks by Propellerheads Reason
-Various Breaks by OKR
-Cutty Ranks Limb by Limb Reprise
-Wonderwall by Oasis, Aphrodite Jungle Remix
-Jungle Brother by Jungle Brother, Urban Takeover remix
FliHi rockets to Brazil on Saturday for the bacchanal festival of Carnival and promises to bring back sound-scapes and pleasures to inebriate the matter of the mind. If you the listener has any requests from the city of Salvador, Bahia please feel free to contact us. I’m afraid the weekly musical escapades will be on hold for two weeks while the live music ensues in the Southern Hemisphere, but we promise to make it upon our return. Be sure and make it to our sophomore appearance at the White Horse on Sat. Feb 28th.. Robot Hustle/Honey Soundsystem Joe Quixx/Oakland Faders, and Matt/333 recordings will be indulging us with new found sounds from beyond the stratosphere.


Viv B.

Sweater Funk

January 27, 2009















   This week we bring you a mix from one of the hardest working deejays around. Sergio can be found at the Deco Lounge once a month, ramping up the crowd, for his Go Bang! party, an homage to the late Arthur Russel production by Dinosaur L. Sweater Funk Sundays at the Li Po Lounge stars many a discophile and boogie in the basement. Dj Flight is a regular contributer to the evening and is not to be missed for flawless mixes, borderline robotic mixes, meanwhile the dancers slip into spasms of nocturnal euphoria. Sergio’s at Cafe Flore in the Castro every Friday from 10-2am.  You can catch him on KALX in Berkeley 90.7 fm at 3 o’clock on Saturdays and is not to be missed if your at all inclined in educating yourself about dance music. Pheuueww, what a work out. He can be found all over the map.



This is a live set from Sergio at Sweater Funk on 11.09.08

1.Weeks & Co “Go With The Flow (Vocal)” from “Streetnoise Volume 1” (compilation; 1982 Streetwave/Epic)
2. Don Armando’s 2Nd Avenue Rhumba Band “Compliment Your Leading Lady” (1980 Ariola Eurodisc South America)
3.Status IV “Lovin’ You (Instrumental Dub Mix)” (1983)
4.The Oceans “Synth Good Guy” from soundtrack to “Poliziotto Superpiu”/”Super Snooper” (1981 Italy)
5. Jackie McLean “Doctor Jackyll And Mister Funk” from “Monuments” (1979 RCA)
6.Shalamar “Talk To Me” from “Go For It” (1981 Solar)
7.Sister Sledge “Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls” (1983 Cotillion)
8.Fantasy “You’re Too Late” (1981 Pavillion)
9.Harari “Party” (1981 A&M)
10.Dennis Coffey “Calling Planet Earth (Stereo)” (1978 Westbound)
11.State Of Grace “That’s When We’ll Be Free (Remix)” from “Dance 1” (compilation; 1984 Profile)
12.RJ’s Latest Arrival “(Aerobic Dancin’) Keep Dancin’ (Instrumental)” (1982 Zoo York Recordz)
13. Loose Ends “Emergency (Dial 999 – Extended Remix)” (1984)
14.Showdown Featuring Sampson “Walkin’ In Music” (1977 Honeybee)
15.Tasha Thomas “Shoot Me (With Your Love)” (1978 Atlantic)
16.Karen Young “Hot Shot II” (1978 Sunshine)
17.Cerrone & Jocelyn Brown “You Are The One” (1980 Malligator)
18.Eastbound Expressway “Never Let Go” (1978 Pye)
19.Grey And Hanks “Dancin'” from “Ultra-Dance” (compilation; 1984 RCA)
20.Luther Vandross “For The Sweetness Of Your Love” from “Busy Body” (1983 Epic)
21.Hot Chocolate “I Just Love What You’re Doing” from “Going Through The Motions” (1979 Infinity)
22.Alphonse Mouzon “That’s Right” from “Distant Lover” (1982 Highrise Entertainment Co)
23.Touchdown “Ease Your Mind (Remix UK)” (1982 Streetwise)
24.Herbie Hancock & Sylvester “Magic Number” from “Magic Windows” (1981 Columbia)

Debut of Porest at the Fractal Mindgaze Hut

January 21, 2009


The Debut of Porest with Mark Gergis(Sublime Frequencies) with donations to help Gaza. Catch them again soon. Ak’s a blazin!

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– LIVE at the Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut 671 24th Street, Apt B, Oakland, CA 94612 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– | This is a coordinated simultaneous concert/event taking place in several cities around the world :Beirut, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Nazareth, Valparaiso (Chile), Chicago, Oakland and Los Angeles. This is a benefit for the people of Gaza, Palestine –currently under brutal siege by Israel. All money will be donated to Gaza via the Red Cross Here’s the brief story about how and why this is happening. Dirar Kalash is a young Palestinian musician and artist living in Haifa. He operates autonomously and is pretty much the only Palestinian guy doing music of this variety over there. Porest met Dirar Kalash through the internet a while back. He is mutual friends with Lebanese musicians and Porest / Liz Allbee cohorts Mazen Kerbaj, Raed Yassin and Sharif Sehnoui. Dirar and Sharif contacted Porest last week about their idea to hold this worldwide event on Jan 20. We know that our music won’t really rake in the bucks, but ultimately, this is also a symbolic event. Upon searching for a venue to host the event on such short notice, (many thanks to Ben Bracken for helping make this happen at the Mindgaze Hut) we discovered that holding it on Jan 20th would be problematic, as there is much musical competition in the Bay Area that night- and also much anticipated revelry as many Americans celebrate their new president. In the end, it made more sense to host it on the 19th. After all, it will be January 20th in Palestine while the event is in progress. For some information regarding the Gaza situation, please visit (download their player and watch Al Jazeera English or Press TV for decent news) and A great article by Robert Fisk on the current crisis is here:
robert-fisk-why-do-they-hate-the-west-so-much-we-will-ask-1230046.html also http:// to watch the film: “Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict” Hope to see you there Monday night… Porest –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Excerpt From A Sushi Party

January 20, 2009












Excerpt From a Sushi Party

You could of crossed paths with Patron/Rapatron at many a Pizza Party in Oakland swapping CDRs for Unagi Chicago Style slices, or, is it thin crust? Crust disputes will ensue.. Now he’s Deejaying sushi parties at the likes of Water Lounge every Wed. night where the color wheel never stops making you feel aquamarine. 

High on sudafed and homebrew, Patron spins these tunes as the house dines on sushi…
1. a thing for me(breakbot mix) – metronomy
2. Bam Bam – sister Nancy (paper planes-edit)
3. Tel Her- Dom. Kennedy
4. Sunshine Baby – Clout (rubberband man-edit)
5. Project Window – Nas/Doom
6. Cissy Strut – The Meters (Passing me by – edit)
7. Ryo Kawasaki – Hawaiian Caravan
8. Paintbox (Datashat Remix) – Pink Floyd
9. Take me with You – Lyn Christopher
10. Honey – Erykah Badu
11. Fugue In D Minor vs what you know about that vs
12. Holy Mount – Rootah
13. Mirror in the Bathroom – The English Beat
14. Delivery Man- The Cool Kids
15. Remember Me – the trinikas
16. Two Can Win – J Dilla
17. ‘Lectric Love- the Destroyers
18. Hypnotize vs Loud Pipes – B.I.G/ratatat
19. Paper Planes (DFA remix)- M.I.A.
20. Lotus – FM Belfast
21. Certified vs Woo Haa vs Rock on– Calvin Harris/Busta/Jackson And His Computer Band
22. Fermingarfræ›sla – Hermigervill (c.r.e.a.m. – edit)

Pound Cake

January 13, 2009















Salvatore Valentino drops electro like the Panzer Blitzkreig

on the Allied Forces this week in his Pound Cake mix.

1. Staff Carpenborg and the Eletric Corona – All Men Shall be Brothers of Ludwig

2. Miss Kittin – Neukolln 2

3. Ellen Allien – Wish

4. Juan Maclean – My Time is Running Out

5 Juan Maclean – The Simple Life (Marcus Worgull mix)

6. Matthew Dear – Pom Pom (remix)

7. Tiga – Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See The Future

8. David E. Sugar – Oi Berlin This is London (This doesn’t sound like scream remix)

9. The Ting Tings – Haji and Emanuel remix

10. The Knife – Silent Shout (Troy Pierce Barado en lacombia remix)

11. Apparat – Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv)

12. Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (Calvin Harris remix)

13. Annie – Crush (Jr. Sanchez remix)

14. Junior Boys – Equilizer

15. !!! – Hello, is this thing on? (Thomas and Eric’s Run n Tug throwdown)

16. Klaxons – Night moves

17. Kraftwerk – Tour de France

18. Tom Yorke – Atoms for Peace


January 5, 2009

“oooff beee bravoo cok supeer abii!!!”

Cem Karaca, short time member of Mogollar (Mongols), known for his Anatolian beat sound in the 60’s n 70’s can be heard in the the Poaching&Polluting mix by Vivien Bovell with his 1971 release “Demedim Mi”

1. Gabor Szabo – Three Kingfishers

2. Donovan – Sunshine Superman

3. Zombies – Whenever Your Ready

4. Giorgio Moroder – Spanish Disaster

5. Cem Karaca – Demedim Mi

6. John Hassle – Vernal Equinox

7. Gnawa Halwa – Sadie

8. Cantos – Boulamine (Boabab Various Artists – Senegal)

9. King Sunny Ade – Synchro System

10. Brigth Engelberts- Civilisation in the World (The Danque!!!)

11. The Upsetters – Red Hot (Eastwood Rides Again)

12. Ken Parker- Love me

13. Winston Riley – Man of My Word ( Techniques in Dub – Pressure Sounds)

14. Mogollar – Hamsi (Anadolu Pop)

15. Mickey Dread – Israel Stylee

16. Barret Brothers – Hawks Theme ( Macka Dub)

17. Fila Brazilia – A Zed and two L’s

18. Xterminator – Love Line Version


Airhship 1

December 28, 2008

This is the first in what we hope to be a weekly podcast spanning various genres. We hail from a flying island powered by musical airships, zeppelins, dirigibles,- throwing grenades of song to people who listen from above the clouds. This first broadcast is a test. Some radio play might turn rainbow colors while Doctor Karate works out his kinks on the backside of many an unsuspecting listener. Enjoy Doctor Karate’s Asexual Harassment

1.Paris by Friendly Fires (Aeroplane Remix)
2. Cocain-e by Geiger
3. Don’t Call Me Baby by Madison Ave
4. Plastic Dreams by Jay-Dee
5. Blind by Hercules & Love Affair (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
6. It’s Like That by Run DMC (Jason Nevins)
7. Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean
8. In One Ear & Out the Other by Fujiya & Miyagi
10. Time Code by Justus Köhncke
11. Tour de France by Kraftwerk
12. Otto’s Journey by Mylo